We are now recruiting for the 2014 HABESHA Works Program.  HABESHA Works is a green jobs training initiative that teaches basic skills in urban organic agriculture and agro-business development.  HABESHA Works promotes sustainable agriculture as a tool for economic development within communities lacking adequate job resources and those experiencing barriers to healthy, fresh, high quality foods.  The components of HABESHA Works focus on three primary objectives.  They are:

  • Providing new skills and professional development training and education in sustainable agriculture to young adults.
  • Developing a community-based approach to health disparities by training individuals to produce and distribute organically grown vegetables in the local urban environment.
  • Establishing an economic development model that creates social entrepreneurship opportunities for participants to continue utilizing their training.

Based on these objectives, there are three cycles to this intervention effort. Below is a detailed description of activities to be completed at each cycle of the program:



  • Includes 60-hours of interactive classroom work to occur over the time span of 13-weeks
  • Instruction takes place twice a weekly with one 2-hour class session and one 4-hour lab session
  • Class sessions introduce trainees to the fundamental principles and practices of sustainable agriculture
  • Lab sessions provide trainees with hands-on experiences that reinforce classroom discussions
  • Lab sessions are held in the HABESHA Gardens Complex in addition to other identified urban farm sites
  • Sessions will include site visits to area urban farms and/or guest instruction from various farm experts


  • Involves up to 300 hours of extended training in an apprenticeship format
  • Trainees will engage in the construction and maintenance of a harvest site
  • Trainees will experience, from beginning to end, the skills needed to construct and manage an urban organic agriculture facility
  • Instruction will be facilitated by various urban and rural farm experts
  • Trainees will also be responsible for planting crops and maintaining them through harvest


  • Trainees will gain business development experience by working with an agro-business venture managed by HABESHA, Inc.
  • Trainees will distribute organic produce using both charitable and for-profit distribution methods (e.g. donations, CSA, farmers market, etc.)
  • Trainees will receive additional professional development training designed to offer students access to other job opportunities and/or prepare them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities related to urban agriculture.


We are now accepting applications for the 2014 HABESHA Works Program.  We will begin interviewing applicants in February through March and notify accepted participants by March  26.  In order to be considered for the program, you must complete an in-person interview.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out the application online and begin the processing of exploring the opportunities in urban agriculture!  SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MARCH 23, 2014!

COURSE COST = $1,500
***Scholarships are offered based on  financial
need.  A sliding scale fee & payment plan
is available for those with financial need.
DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 23, 2014

Questions?  Email Us at habeshagardens@habeshainc.org